Ivo Andrić (1970)

“It is apparent at a first cursory glance – the desire to make the Fair a double window with an open view at the world of books, a vantage point for our readers to meet with the foreign literature and the road for foreign book lovers into the literature of our nations. In addition to exhibiting book issues in the languages of all our nations and ethnic groups, the Fair hosts about 70 exhibitors from different 18 countries. Using this opportunity, several exhibitions were organized in cooperation with numerous experts, such as the one in the honor of the 100th Anniversary of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, or the international exhibition of Slavic editions of our houses and apartments.”

Desanka Maksimović (1988)

“Just look at all those secrets around you! The Book Fair always makes me feel sad rather than happy. Even if we lived for hundreds of years, we would not have enough time to open all these shells to pick the pearls of wisdom, filled with fire in our hearts and tempests of our imagination.”

Milorad Pavić (1990)

“The literature of today lives on deceased classics and living readers, posing a new question – can we love a book without judging the lengths of our appreciation for its beauty? Tonight you should seek here a book that you will be able to love. This may help our planet to survive.”

David Albahari (2004)

“…The Book Fair is a wonderful meeting point where I can not only meet the writers I already know, but where I can also browse books and check the publications of all local publishers. This is why this period of year – the time when the Book Fair is held – is for me the most beautiful time in Belgrade.”