This year’s International Belgrade Book Fair will be held at the usual exhibition space of the Belgrade Fair, in halls 1, 1A, 2A, and 4. It will host around 400 exhibitors from both Serbia and abroad.

During the first press conference about the event, the organizers and guests of honour addressed the media.

Academician Dušan Kovačević, the President of the International Belgrade Book Fair Committee, emphasized that the Book Fair is one of the most significant cultural events in Serbia. Despite pessimistic narratives about the fate of literature under the fair’s domes, this year there is still a great interest from the audience and exhibitors. A large number of literature enthusiasts are expected to come because, after all, electronics cannot replace a book.

The story about the future of the Fair, a new venue, remains a topic that will certainly be discussed. However, this year, the event is taking place at the same location, under the well-known domes.

This is what Kovačević told the journalists and the audience: “See you in October.”

Ljiljana Šoškić, the International Book Fair project coordinator, emphasized that this is an event of great significance for culture, the most representative event in this cultural sphere. The Belgrade Fair has a long tradition and expertise in the technical organization of this important event. This year, the Book Fair lasts one day longer, and includes a rich accompanying program to be held in the program halls. At the same time, the Education and Teaching Tools Fair will also take place.

Stanislas Pierre, cultural advisor at the French Embassy and director of the French Institute in Serbia, expressed gratitude for the opportunity given to France to be the guest of honour, and thanked the organizers. France was once the guest of honour in 2004, and now it will once again present contemporary thought and French literature at their stand in Hall 2.

All literary genres will be present, just like at the Book Fair in Paris, where forms such as comics were also noticed. They are preparing programs at the stand, book signings, sale of French language books, and communication with the media.

Professional meetings and conferences on copyright will also be organized at the request of Serbian publishers.

Sanja Milić, artistic director of the International Belgrade Book Fair, announced an exceptionally rich and versatile program, and local publishers will, as they do every year, present new editions at their stands and in program halls.

The Book Fair is traditionally a place for the exchange of ideas among all professions gathered around books and publishing. This year, the fair will host famous authors such as Etgar Keret, João Tordo, Simon Sebag Montefiore, Kate Moss, and many other brilliant authors from Europe and around the world.

The programs will also include discussions related to anniversaries and references to important works by still relevant great writers such as Domanović or Kafka.

At the 66th International Belgrade Book Fair, School Day will be on Thursday, October 26th.